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Legal accounting software to free up your practice. QuickBooks is the ideal software for lawyers to spend less time on busywork, and more on real work.

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QuickBooks Online: Advancing Efficiency for Lawyers and Legal Teams


  1. Seamless Legal Billing and Timekeeping QuickBooks Online sets a new standard for legal billing and timekeeping. With the ability to set custom hourly billing rates for partners, associates, paralegals, and assistants, law firms can effectively manage their billing practices. QuickBooks Online also facilitates the creation and scheduling of invoices, making your firm's invoicing process efficient and hassle-free.

  2. Easy Payment Processing QuickBooks Online makes it easy for law firms to accept payments, supporting all major credit cards and free bank transfers right within the invoice. The software automatically tracks payment statuses, sends reminders, and matches payments to invoices, simplifying the entire payment process.

  3. Efficient Time Tracking The software's time tracking feature allows you and your team to automatically track every second worked on any device. This functionality enables accurate, effortless billing for hours worked, making it simpler to manage and bill for client work.

  4. Comprehensive Expense Management QuickBooks Online provides powerful tools for managing both hard and soft costs. The software sorts these costs for you, allowing for precise tracking and categorization of expenses. Additionally, it connects directly with your bank account, automatically recording, categorizing, and updating all business transactions and expenses.

  5. Profitable Project Identification The software provides tools to track and analyze cases or clients that drive the most revenue, allowing for better planning and resource allocation. By identifying top-performing and profitable projects, law firms can make strategic decisions that enhance profitability.

  6. Anytime, Anywhere Access With QuickBooks Online, you can access financial reports from your phone, tablet, or computer, no matter where you are. This makes it possible to stay informed about how your business is doing at all times.

  7. Comprehensive Retainer Management QuickBooks Online also offers the ability to track money held in both trust retainers and general retainers, and manage them according to your state's specific rules. This feature is particularly useful for law firms that handle a significant amount of retainer-based work.

  8. App Integration To simplify your legal work, QuickBooks Online can sync with other apps that help you organize clients, billing, and documents all in one place. This integration can streamline your operations and save you valuable time.

  9. Mobile Invoicing With QuickBooks Online's mobile app, you can invoice on the go. This feature allows you to send invoices from the app and receive alerts the moment they're paid, keeping you updated and in control of your invoicing process.

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