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Legal Case Management Software

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MyCase is a legal case management software designed to enhance productivity and streamline various aspects of law firm operations. Here are some key features and benefits of MyCase:

  1. Case Management: MyCase provides a centralized location to store all case details and documents, making it easier to access and manage information related to each case.

  2. Client Communication: The software offers real-time updates, messaging, document sharing, and task management features, allowing attorneys and staff to communicate and collaborate with clients effectively.

  3. Billing and Payments: MyCase enables users to track time, generate invoices, and accept payments, simplifying the billing process and improving efficiency.

  4. Client Intake Forms: Customizable web-based intake forms help streamline the client intake process, making it easier to handle prospective clients and capture relevant information.

  5. eSignature: MyCase supports electronic signatures, allowing for efficient creation and signing of retainer agreements and other legal documents.

  6. Calendaring: Users can stay on top of important deadlines and events with a centralized calendar that keeps all appointments and tasks organized.

  7. Document Management: MyCase offers document management capabilities, enabling easy creation, editing, and secure access to legal documents.

  8. Time and Expense Tracking: The software allows users to capture and track billable hours and expenses, ensuring accurate billing and accounting.

  9. Built-in Text Messaging: MyCase includes built-in text messaging functionality, providing a convenient and secure way to communicate with clients.

  10. Client Portal: Clients can access a secure client portal to view case updates, share documents, and communicate with the law firm, enhancing client satisfaction and engagement.

  11. Billing and Invoicing: MyCase provides a comprehensive billing system, making it easier to generate invoices, manage payment collections, and gain insights into financial performance.

  12. LawPay Payments: MyCase is partnered with LawPay, a secure online payment platform designed for legal professionals, ensuring safe and convenient payment processing.

Additionally, MyCase highlights some key statistics and benefits, such as a 38% average increase in caseloads, over 15,000 law firms choosing MyCase, and a gain of 3+ billable hours per day. The software also emphasizes lead management, helping law firms track and grow their client pipeline.

MyCase boasts quick and easy onboarding, robust security features to protect client data, and integrations with other popular apps to enhance workflow efficiency.

Overall, MyCase aims to revolutionize the way law firms work by offering a comprehensive solution for case management, client communication, billing, and more, catering to the needs of thousands of law firms worldwide.

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