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Legalytech partners with your law firm to increase your bottom line – we are dedicated to helping law firms grow their practices by converting potential clients to actual cases. 

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Our Intake Specialists adhere strictly to your company's established guidelines when determining the qualification of incoming callers. For those who qualify, we can arrange meetings, route specific callers directly, or dispatch retainers representing your firm. Each interaction is documented and recorded to ensure full transparency and precision. Upon completion of intake, we can conveniently deliver the detailed report via text or email to the designated members of your firm, ensuring a smooth and efficient completion of the process.

We've collaborated with and seamlessly interfaced with a wide range of case management systems. After finalizing an intake or dispatching a contract, we can directly input the data into your case management system. This ensures all participants are synchronized from the get-go. This data transfer can be executed through real-time posting to your cloud-based CMS or by sending a CSV file for upload to your system.

Leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we can dispatch digital retainers for instant signing, accelerating the initiation process and securing your clients promptly. This tech-enabled strategy provides your firm with a competitive advantage and helps deter prospective clients from exploring other legal options. By securing immediate digital signatures, you significantly enhance your conversion rates, surpassing traditional retainer delivery methods.

Web inquiries could reach your firm at any hour. With our tailored response system, you decide the course of action for handling these inquiries. Upon receipt, Legalytech  will promptly reach out to the individuals behind these web inquiries, adhering to your procedures for intake and contract procurement. If initial contact with the prospective client proves unsuccessful, we can collaborate with your firm to devise a strategic callback approach. By undertaking numerous contact attempts, we ensure you don't overlook any potential new case.

Should your firm target the Spanish-speaking demographic through marketing or advertising, it's vital to have intake personnel equipped to handle such engagements. At Legalytech, our team comprises bilingual intake experts. We can establish tailored DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers, enabling our system to identify that each call requires a Spanish-speaking intake professional. Rest assured, if a call lands with an English-speaking team member, it will be handled smoothly.

Should your firm leverage an online scheduling platform, Legalytech can seamlessly interface with it to coordinate consultation appointments on behalf of your team. For a deeper understanding of this offering, feel free to connect with us. Furthermore, if there are potential clients on your radar necessitating follow-up, Legalytech is ready to assist. Our skilled Intake Professionals can initiate phone conversations with these prospects and expedite their enrollment via our efficient digital contract service.

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